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In 2021 when Windows 11 was first released, I tried installing it onto this handheld Sony VAIO  
I made an error in this video saying this UX has a Core2Duo, The CPU in this machine is an Intel Core2Solo U2200 1.20 GHz. Fun fact: did you know it's possible to replace the Core2Solo with a Core2Duo CPU and some fine soldering skills. It has been done by some skilled VAIO UX owners in the past. I will need to learn more soldering skills before I can try that myself though :)
This is making me compelled to buy a Lumia 950 now, since I absolutely love the idea of miniature devices behaving like a desktop
I just discovered this channel! And I regret not finding this earlier! Your content is super duper awesome and I love it. It's my style! Thank you and can't wait to see more. 😊
Cool video. Thanks for the shoutout :) The comparison between the VAIO and Lumia is very interesting. Shows how far technology has come in the last decade. Have you seen Windows 11 on the 2018 PocoPhone F1? From videos at least, it looks amazing.
Bought my Vaio UX a few years ago (second hand) just to fulfill how I remember seeing one in the shop as a kid and thought it was so cool. I elected to leave it on XP as it just really isn't up to running even 7. I do actually still use it occasionally for one purpose, as it is extremely portable to take with me in my car, and has no trouble running its equally ancient ECU tuning software.
It'd be nice if you could make a guide to installing Windows XP to the VAIO, while having no drivers/etc. issues. I'm getting tempted to buy one of those lol, but I'm not using Vista ever again. In fact, it'd be nice if you could do a 3DMark and other benchmark comparisons between XP vs Vista (the default OS) on this device. I'm fairly sure XP demolishes the default OS.
Genuinely in awe of you sir! Recently yet unexpectedly come across you and your channel and content. Absolutely hooked on your content! Stay amazing sir!
thank you for all the work you do. i really enjoy every video you make. please dont change this style of making videos. :)
Awesome video, awesome channel, thank you so much for this content! I think your channel is gonna grow soon!